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What is our purpose?
Overcome, Wonder and Serve.

To overcome the everyday challenges, guided by our values and driven by collaboration, wondering the world with our discoveries and new ideas that are always focused on serving others.​

Where we are heading to?

Bioana’s goal for 2025 is to become the company with more innovations in the medical device industry in Mexico and is known for it around the world.

Bioana Team

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Andrea Siller González: Directora General

Andrea Siller González

Directora General

Adriana Torres: Directora de Operaciones

Adriana Torres Flores

Directora de Operaciones

Alicia Hoyos: Directora de Inteligencia e Innovación

Alicia de Hoyos Reyes

Dir. de Inteligencia e Innovación

Equipo Bioana

Larisa Morales Oropeza

Biomedical Innovator

Equipo Bioana

Carolina Archuleta Rivera

Biomedical Innovator

Equipo Bioana

Gabriela Cota García

Creative Developer

Equipo Bioana

Francisco Saúl Blanco Santiago

Biomedical Innovator

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