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Learn the process and key skills to transform ideas into medical products.

Design thinking 

Every great idea starts with a problem. If you are looking to solve a medical problem or you already have an idea, but don’t know where or how to start, this Bootcamp is for you. You will learn the fundamentals for innovation through the process of DESIGN THINKING applied to medical devices.

 3D Modeling  

Have you ever wonder how to model your design in a faster-hassle-free way? Save time during 3D modeling by learning the techniques that standard courses don’t teach you. Learn these skills from our experts for a lean design of your medical device.

Simulation and Analysis

Developing a medical device is a long, time-consuming and high-investment process. Most of the devices need numerous testing for assuring the safety for use of the device. This means a lot of costly prototype building and testing iterations, and we really mean a lot. But, what if you use computer aided tools that can help you simulate the performance and response of your design without actually building it yet? Valuable time and money is saved, the process is shortened, and it is even a tool that can help you get regulatory approval. In this Bootcamp, you will learn to use ANSYS for evaluating the performance of your designs and choose the best one.


Building a prototype has never been easier due to low-cost technology that makes it more accessible every day. Anyone can start, but the one that really knows how to properly use this technology and understands building processes can achieve a better outcome in a faster way. This completely hands-on Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity for you to learn to use the technology to build your own prototype.


Medical Devices should always be safe, effective and of very good quality. For selling a medical device in any market, it must go through a thorough review of its safety and effectiveness by Federal Regulatory Agencies. Understanding how this process works and learning the key strategies for introducing for the first time a medical device to market, are very important for market approval acceleration. This Bootcamp will help you reduce risk and achieve a faster route to market.


From concept to market. In this intensive one-week Bootcamp you will experience Bioana’s Design and Development Process from start to finish. Acquire all the skills and knowledge to transform your ideas into medical products.

Stents - Cardiovascular

This is our specialized Bootcamp for cardiovascular engineering. Design you own stents using parametric design and test its performance in a simulated coronary artery.

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